Saturday, April 14, 2012

Monday Dollar Day Download 4-16-2012

I had to change purses and my camera fell out of my current bag that I'm using. Luckily one of my family members found it and I should get it back today. I'm a complete photo person, love it, and couldn't picture myself without my cameras.

It's been a non creative week for me, so I guess it's ok that I don't have my camera. Anyway, I present to you monday's dollar day download:

The Paradise Bird

Just follow the link, and on April 16, 2012 you can purchase this pattern for $1.00

Once these patterns are a Monday dollar download once, they will never be a Monday dollar day download ever again. So this is a one chance opportunity for you, and for me to get my patterns out into the world of crochet.

Since I'm non creative this week, I've decided to go back to the days of the granny square.

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