Sunday, August 2, 2015

Shop Announcements

I've made a few decisions regarding closing etsy shops. It took me awhile to make choice but for the time I've decided to stop selling crochet patterns. My heart really isn't into right now, and with the decline of my grandmother's health, mentally I'm not able to focus on something so tedious.

It might have been the wrong choice, as I have some fond memories about it that keeps me hanging in the past. My grandma taught herself how to crochet, and she never read a single pattern in her life. She then taught me, and I go through phases of being interested in the hobby. It landed me on the front page of my local newspaper where I had a reporter come to my home and interview me. I was also lucky enough to sell to a high end fashion designer in Paris, France who works for Marc Jacobs. How cool is that?
It also brought a lot of strange requests too.

My crochet patterns are still up for sale for a short time. They can be found here:

So what is HDPsquared all about?  Jewelry that is a little bit more edgier than I've ever created before. I've jumped right into the precious metal clay scene. Anytime anyone gives me the opportunity to play with fire, I'm ready to set my pants ablaze.

If you can't wait for me to set up shop, I'm pre-selling a few items.