Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Is Still Feeling Like Summer

Last weekend I drove out of town to sell pumpkins and tractors. It was interesting because I've never sold alone before. I had three tables and of course someone spotted me right off the bat as being helpless. I was embarrassed and politely declined any help. For goodness sake, I should be a professional at being a vendor at any event.
My family ran a flea market in our home town for 40+ years. By the time I was 4 months old I was working my tail feathers off. It was hard work too. You were either carrying tables that were half your weight, or sweeping floors for several hours.

So here I am trying to set up a card table that is older than the hills, and the silly legs wouldn't lock into place. I felt like everyone was still staring at the blonde who didn't know what she's doing. I did away with the old card table and the last two tables were finally set up and on even ground. I then attempted to place my table cloth on,  and the wind took it. This happened over and over again.  Luckily I had large weighted pumpkins and an endless supply of packing tape.

It turned into a long day. I had brought some of my silver jewelry to see if anybody would notice it. There were several people who did, and some tried on my rings. That was encouraging. I thought I would share one pendant that I've finished, and one that is unfinished.

Jon Snow Greeting Card