Sunday, November 9, 2014

Focus is the Key

Anybody who suffers from allergies knows how difficult things can be when your body isn't cooperating. It's an up-down battle thru many seasons. Especially when you suffer from indoor allergies.

Two years ago, construction on 2 new buildings started fifty yards from where I live.  I've recently noticed everything I own is covered in white dust. This irritates me because that is the number one thing I'm allergic to, dust. How do I keep it out? What dust comes from something that is white?

I've had to change allergy medications which I easily become addicted to. It makes me groggy, and then when it starts to wear off in 24 hours I become irritable.  Sometimes, I feel like it takes me hours to accomplish anything.
Running three etsy shops, having a full time job, and attempting to stay in shape can be challenging.  Especially when my focus is off.

So for the holiday season, I've decided to work on some new bracelets and here are a few of my favorites:

You can purchase this African Turquoise Bracelet here:

Or how abut a little Jungle Jasper and Blue Aventurine? You can purchase this bracelet here:

There is more gemstone bracelets to come before the holidays arrive so check back often on all of my etsy sites.

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