Saturday, May 12, 2012

Free To A Good Home

I'm going to be giving away this lovely crochet applique, for free.

It's made out of 100% cotton and is 3 3/4 inches in diameter.

But you will need to do one of the three things in order to win it. 
  1. Go to my etsy page and pin something on
  2. Follow me here on blogger
  3. Go to my facebook page and click the "like" button.
Once you have done anyone of those three things, come back to this post and leave a comment stating how you have promoted SlappyTheSeal Stitches. 
Every time you promote it's another entry in this contest, but please come back and state what you did and where you did it at. 

Also there aren't any rules to entering. You can live anywhere in the world to enter, and postage will be paid by me, and will be shipped from the United States. This contest will run from 5/12/2012 to 5/18/2012 ending 12:00 AM central time. Only one winner will be pulled from entrants from the time lot given.

Happy Promoting!

1 comment:

  1. Hi!
    Just found your blog from a comment you made on the Paris Article. Saw your pretty Disco crocheted piece and just had to peek at your Etsy shop. I love to crochet and always feel inspired by looking at other peoples work. I was shocked to see all your designs. So pretty. From your Etsy shop I found your blog.
    VERY BEAUTIFUL WORK and a fun blog to read.
    Thanks for letting me visit!